America’s high five once again has metal bragging rights with Flint natives After the Minor’s release of their sophomore album The Decadence…the Decay.  This album dropped a couple of months ago (August) and I’m ashamed that I haven’t been jamming this jewel since its release because it really fucking good.

Those of you that have read my reviews know that I’m always asking for metalcore, hardcore, and deathcore bands (clearly I like the cores) to submit to Bloodrock Media for review; we are drowning in death, doom, and black metal albums and it would be nice to break it up every now and again (we still love our d,d, & b metal don’t get me wrong).  So the fact that I have been sleeping on The Decadence…the Decay is inexcusable, almost criminal, if I’m honest.

“Meraki” kicks off the album with a mix of screaming, breakdowns, and killer drum work.  Drummer Dan Rodgers hits the kit hard throughout the seven tracks, but I think he skill is most prominent in this particular one.  You almost forget that After the Minor considers themselves metalcore until you hear the subtle, yet intricate guitar work by Alex Ricketts and Mike Caudle layered in toward the end of the track because it is so heavy.  The title track, “The Decadence, the Decay” is my favorite on the album.  The track is extraordinarily heavy, very Lamb of God-ish; vocalist Nic Ward, definitely summons his inner Randy Blythe but takes it to another level with his TesserAct-esque cleans and the addition of the proggy bass by Josh Paris seals the deal.  It is a very cool mix of intense, groove metal (LOG) and progressive metalcore (TesserAct and Periphery), bottom line….it slays.

Closing out The Decadence…the Decay is “What Lies May Come”, the clean vocals on this track are the bees knees.  After hearing Ward scream, I wasn’t certain who was doing the cleans so I reached out to Rodgers to double check, he confirmed that it is in fact Ward.  Not going to lie, I’m still a bit dumbfounded by this bit of information.  Ward may have the prettiest set of man-pipes I’ve had the pleasure of listening to EVER, let alone in a metal band, no exaggeration.  Bravo, dude!  Seriously, I would love to hear you record something with Annette Bilek from Through Our Eyes, your voice would compliment hers very nicely.

The Decadence…the Decay is laden with groove, while still maintaining an extreme amount of heaviness.  Each and every member of After the Minor contributes to the epicness of this album; there isn’t a weak link, a meh track, or hell a consideration of fast forwarding at any moment.  It is obvious After the Minor takes a great deal of pride in their work and it shows from the writing, musicianship, and production of The Decadence…the Decay.  Keep up the good work, fellas.  Grab this gem now!

Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

FFO:  Lamb of God, Killswitch EngageTesserAct, and Periphery

Minus the Negative
Watching You
Shades of NV
The Decadence, The Decay
What Lies May Come

Josh Paris – Bass/Vox
Dan Rodgers – Drums
Nic Ward – Vocals/Keys
Alex Ricketts – Guitar
Mike Caudle – Guitar

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Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on November 20, 2017