Aeraco is releasing their new album Baptized By Fire on July 28, 2017, courtesy of Dark Star Records. This band is being hailed a true American hard rock band, born and bred in Chicago, IL (oh hey – Midwest reppin’).

Aeraco  certainly begins Baptized By Fire with rocking tones in their lyrics and a beat to support the message they’re portraying in “Back With Vengeance”. The track sharing the album name, “Baptized By Fire”, will take you on a journey of melodic guitars, rhythmic drums and true vocal rock stylings. “Tequila And Lime” will bring an upbeat sound to the album, inducing foot tapping and head swaying while you listen to lyrics about being in love – but with what? “Withered Rose” infuses a slower aspect into the album – opening up with softer guitar riffs and supporting drum beats, before kicking it up a notch with harsher vocals. “Bad” is going to remind you of badass songs from years past from the opening lick of the song – even referencing a “rebel yell” – we see you paying tribute, Aeraco, and we like it. “The Outlaw”, the track that brings Baptized By Fire to an end, kicks off with steady drumming and some groove-filled riffs, a track that gets you pumped up just to realize that you’re at the end of the album. The song is going to remind you of horses galloping or a beat you would hear during a standoff in modern day a Western.

Aeraco is a band that crosses over multiple genres of rock seamlessly on one album, breaking down the walls that separate metal from classical and heavy hitting rock. Classic rock fan? They’ve got you covered. Modern day rock fan? Yep – they see you, too. You want a song that sounds like it belongs in a modern day Western standoff, waiting for enemies to draw their weapons? Yeah, that’s on here too. If you’re a fan of crossing over genres and a band that doesn’t believe in sticking with one thing because they’re talented enough not to do that, check out Aeraco and be entertained. And if they’re going to be playing in your area – go check them out – I can only imagine how entertaining that show would be.

Back With Vengeance
Cum To Rock
Baptized By Fire
Stab In Dim Light
Tequila And Lime
All I Know
Withered Rose
In Hell We Trust
In Vain
Fighting The Fame
Lone Wolf
The Outlaw

Ace – Guitar, vocals
Spidey – Guitar
Misfit – Drums
Beast – Bass

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 23, 2017
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