French black metal band Acedia Mundi is scheduled to release their new album Speculum Humanae Salvatonis this month courtesy of Throats Productions. Making what some would consider new age black metal, this band keeps all the enjoyable roots of black metal while interweaving a huge amount of stylization from different sub-genre throughout.

Although not my regular cup of tea, I truly did enjoy this album. The black metal elements shone through brightly in songs like the last track, “Sumus Fex Dei” even down to its name. The entirety of this album was more atmospheric and experimental, which is something I really loved, but it kept the feel of a black metal album. High uncleans and lots of tremolo picking are tastefully used throughout this project, but not overused. From start to finish, this doesn’t feel like a generic black metal album, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

As stated, I’m not a huge fan of black metal – but the originality of this band’s sound really caught my attention. Even without being a big fan of the genre, Speculum Humane Salvatonis was still an enjoyable listen for me. So if you think you aren’t a fan, give this album a listen and then decide.

FFO: Funeral Mist, Hell Militia, Dark Funeral

V – guitar, vocals
J – guitar, vocals
W – Bass
G – Drums

Spreading Venom in the Hearts of Children
Deconstructing My Soul
The Saddist Is the Saddest
From Sodom to Magog
Ceux qui Marchent
Nos Qui Non Electi Sumus…
… Sumus Fex Dei

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ethan Grason on July 20, 2017 for Bloodrock Media