Abimael, a deathcore quintet from Jonesboro, AR, recently released their latest track “ROTTING”.

“ROTTING” is down-tuned, chug-filled, and everything expected from a deathcore group; but Abimael takes things a bit further, they add to the mix a pinch of death metal, prog, and a sprinkle of beatdown influence as well.  The vocals are low and guttural, perfectly complimenting the instruments, which are more than likely in drop F.  The breakdowns (yes, plural) are well timed, and amazingly easy to bob your head to. The progressions throughout “ROTTING” are extremely creative; one listen to the track and it’s quite obvious that guitarists Dakota and Alan have a range of musical sub-genre influences.  Not only apparent in their playing styles and tones, but also in their speed and picking styles.

Overall, Abimael has released a monster of a single with “ROTTING” and we cannot wait to see an EP or full length release by the group.

Abimael will especially appeal to fans of Cabal, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and Bodysnatcher.

Listen to “ROTTING here: https://goo.gl/D6BCPD

Rocky – Vocals
Dakota – Guitar
Alan – Guitar
Mikey – Bass
Eric – Drums

Keep up with Abimael on social media here:


Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 7, 2017