The brutal 5-piece Australian deathcore outfit, A Night in Texas, are soon to release their their next studio album, Global Slaughter, on December 11th of 2017. With 2017 having been full of amazing albums so far, this one is no exception. The album is centered around topics like the American political state, pollution and destroying the planet, which is interesting considering a lot of music over the past year has seemed to stray away from topical subjects in tread of more emotional subject matter. Taking it back to metal roots, and screaming F%$@ the government, right? But in reality they deliver the topics in such a groovy way that this is definitely going to get another listen.

Global Slaughter starts off with the the most anxiety inducing minute and a half I’ve listened to since I reviewed a dude smashing a piano. After feeling like I was in a horror movie, this song takes off to the chuggy deathcore we all came for. From the second the snare hits in the first track and namesake of the album, “Global Slaughter”, the album becomes a breakneck slew of brutal riffs, and riff driven-groovy deathcore. One part that stood out to me were the vocals throughout this album. They seemed to have a sense of rawness to them and they were very true to the vocalists ability; absolutely bone-crushing at some points, specifically on the track “Harvested”, which also happened to be my favorite song on the album.

I absolutely love everything about Global Slaughter, from the traditional deathcore sound that it holds true to, to the new influences that shine throughout the different aspects of the music. One song that stuck out to me because of it’s slower, more abstract sound was “Mors Ludicrum”. It seems as if it’s a new trend to include a black metal song on a deathcore album as of late, so who am I to argue? Ominous guitars fade into none other than a black metal song that was surprisingly good. The vocals weren’t quite black metal, but mixed with the doomy guitar riffs made for an interesting sound for an off genre jump, so props to the band for being able to pull that off so well.

As a whole, Global Slaughter delivers on quality, with a little something for a range of fans. As a huge fan of extreme vocal styles, this album was full of inhuman sounding noises, as well as aspects for fans of deathcore, black metal, riff lovers, and those who just want breakdowns to beat up people at shows to.  After gaining more popularity due to the release of their split EP with Angelmaker, I found A Night In Texas and was somewhat impressed. I remember adding The Rotten King to my Spotify playlist and enjoying a good amount of their music. This album made me a true fan of A Night in Texasand it’s definitely worth checking out for anyone who doesn’t know who they are, or even for long time fans. Another album added to the large amount of great albums already released this year. Don’t forget to check out Global Slaughter as soon as it drops on December 11th!

5.0 out of 5.0 axes

FFO: Thy Art is Murder, Rings of Saturn, Aversions Crown, Oceano, Slaughter to Prevail, Angelmaker


Anthony Barone – Drums
Luke Adkins – Bass
Ethan Lucas – Vocals
Angus Gasson – Guitar
Cory Judd – Guitar


  1. Global Slaughter
  2. Population Extermination
  3. War Born
  4. Scorched Earth
  5. Moris Ludicrum
  6. Genisys
  7. Harvested
  8. The Moral Decay
  9. Social Serpent
  10. Death March

Check out A Night In Texas here:


Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on November 1, 2017