Amelia Nichols


Greetings All! My name is Amelia Nichols, and I hail to you from the small town of Corry, Pennsylvania.

Some little tidbits about me are well… I do enjoy watching cartoons. (Yep, totally guilty of watching them even when the children are not home.) I also enjoy the paranormal, ghost hunting shows. (Total sucker for Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown.) I do also enjoy making people more aesthetically pleasing, as I am in the process of obtaining my cosmetology license. But when I’m not making people pretty, and watching spooky ghost shows or cartoons, I work at a restaurant as a server, slinging pancakes or meatloaf to hungry guests. I’ve been a server and or a bartender for 15 years, and even played the role of the big cheese once as manager. I guess you could say talking to people is kind of my thing.

As far as music goes, I am listener of many genres. Most of my influences coming from my mother, when I was young. I listen to just about everything, but I frequent more rock music and some of the heavy metal genres. I got very involved in our local metal scene when I started dating my now, longtime partner-in-crime, Dave, as he was a drummer in a local death metal band. I was a bartender at a local venue, and got acquainted with the music scene, took some photos of the guys, and it’s been a little thing ever since.

I do love going to shows, and I love to experience all the show has to offer.

My three favorite bands are In This Moment, Starset, and Butcher Babies.