1818, repping South Central Pennsylvania, released their EP Hiraeth, courtesy of Pavement Entertainment, on June 2, 2017. This band is making a name for themselves along the east coast, developing a following in PA, VA, and MD by playing local venues. They’ve also shared the stage with some impressive names, such as Otep, Sevendust, and After The Burial – just to name drop a few.

The first track on Hiraeth, “Seven”, is going to immediately open with some heavy riffs and drums, before introducing some heavy metal growling to the mix. The riffs in this song are pretty sick – around the two minute mark , there is a call for some major air guitar action. “Believe” is going to take it down a notch and incorporate a little more vocal clarity as opposed to just metal growling. “Swallow” has a dirty, groove-filled riffs supporting the beat, intertwined with softer vocals to compliment the deep growls. “Yesterday Calls Me Home”, the track closing out the EP, shows the band’s softer, slower side – slow riffs, soft drums, and some gentler vocals (don’t worry, they pick up as expected).

1818 shows off their dynamic capabilities throughout Hiraeth – no two songs sound alike, nor does a single track end the way it began. Each song is a change of pace – whether harder, softer, or louder. We can definitely see why they’re gaining a following. Hiraeth is going to leave you wondering what else these guys can do with their talents, and waiting for a full-length album. 

Yesterday Calls Me Home

Paul Saliga – Vocals
Whit Bender-Bass
Cody Wright -Guitar
Scott Magruder -Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 16, 2017