August 7th marked the day Costa-Rican prog-metal prodigies Nostoc unleashed their debut album Aevum on an unsuspecting world and hot damn boys and ghouls, this one is a certified scorcher. A titanic blend of straight up heavier than a dwarf star metal and harmonic might that would make fallen angels weep with joy.  Dropping seven theatrical tracks that go above and beyond to show what makes Nostoc a noteworthy band hitting the 2017 scene. Fans of progressive metal, djent, death metal, speed metal, melo-death, etc. will be sure to find something to rave about as Aevum enchants you through your speakers or headphones.

For starters, the opening track “A Path to Ascend” clocks in at a slightly hefty 9:03 time mark and yet somehow that seems impossible. The grace at which they build up this track from a few drums rolls and hazy eyed riffs into a fist pounding, mosh demanding throwdown jam is ridiculous. The track itself dazzles the mind to the point where its length is never a factor despite being fulfilling and never rushed in composure. Likewise the oddly yet awesomely titled “Saturnian Mindscape Introspection” goes from zero to lit as fuck in barely two minutes. The song throughout is crass as a zombie’s table manners yet with undeniable levels of charisma. The grooving bassline of “The Artisan” pays homage to the track’s namesake, looping the listener to into its inescapable rhythm that leads into a ridiculously slick jazz inspired riff backed by pure powerhouse drumming. By the time the hypnotic riffage in “Delirium” had ended, I literally just hit repeat (for the 4th time) and thought to myself, I’m gonna find a flaw just for the fuck of it and the best I could come up was the vocals being not as diverse as the riffs and drums themselves; but who cares because they’re still rock solid, ballsy and flexible while also being extremely well timed.

Simply put, this album is tighter than nun coochie – straight up air tight like a damn submarine. Having already dropped on August 7th, no need to procrastinate! You can cop this bad boy today and see for yourself how fire this album really is. If you dig bands like Mastodon, Death, TesseracT, Gojira or just need something completely out of left field to peel your scalp back then you just hit the jackpot, Tiger.

Rating:  4.5 outta 5.0 axes

1. A Path to Ascend
2. Saturnian Mindscope Introspection
3. The Artisan
4. Imbued in Æther
5. Transmute
6. The Anamnesic Voyage
7. Delirium

Freddy Lopez – Guitar and vocals
David Miranda – Guitar
Jorge Camacho – Bass
Emmanuel Calderón – Drums

Check out Nostoc here: Nostoc.Band/


Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 23, 2017