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Danish melodic progressive rockers,
NORD are set to release their debut EP titled Alpha on March 3, 2017
courtesy of Inverse Records.  Forming in
2013 in Denmark, NORD set out with the ambition of creating heavy music with a Nordic
feeling while combining dreamy soundscapes, tight riffs, and head bang worthy
breakdowns.  So what do you get when you
mix Alestorm, Flogging Molly, and Death with a pinch of Type O Negative and In
Flames? You get NORD! 
Alpha is a blend of skillfully
bellowed choruses and savage guttural vocals, which is perfect for many situations
one may regularly partake, such as: pounding mead, raiding a village, or just
straight up head banging. Every track is as catchy as they are asskicking. The brilliant
mash ups of infectious melodies and biting riffs fit pretty much any metal head’s
taste and mood from let’s rage to fuck it I’m going for a drive.  One would be hard pressed to deny the animal magnetism of NORD’s sound as demonstrated
in their debut single “Rosehip Garden”, which garnered the group much deserved
international attention.  The third track
on Alpha,
“Restless”, has similar badass anthem appeal as such beloved tracks like
Pantera’s “Walk” or “Art of Ruin” by Lamb of God.   It is just the damn good!  Seriously!
When the EP drops March 3rd of
this year don’t be the last of your fellow metal heads to put this into your
regular rotation, you will regret it.  If
this is how NORD is beginning their careers, then we will be hearing A LOT from
them in the future and we will get to say ‘you heard it at Bloodrock Media
You can check out their lyric
video for “Rosehip Garden” here
Bjarne Brogaard Matthiesen – Vocals
Niels Thybaek-Hanson – Guitar
Thomas Bogh Jensen – Guitar
Peter Littau – Bass
Magnus Elisson – Drums

1. Kill the Marshalls
2. Rosehip Garden
3. Restless
4. Omega


Written by: Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media