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INFINITAS – CIVITAS INTERITUS Jesus Christ, here we go. Okay, guys, I really wanted to like this. I really, really, REALLY did. I’m not going to break the album down track by track like I normally do. I think I need to take a different approach on this specific album, because I really hate to sound negative when I’m writing reviews. Even if I absolutely hate everything about it (which I don’t in this case), I try to find something positive to say. I’m seriously at a loss for words here, and that never happens. I can’t even begin...

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PROMETHEAN MISERY – GHOSTS (PRC Music) Promethean Misery is an Australian-based, one-woman project geared towards the ecstasy of doom. This newly released album, titled Ghosts, is dark, gloomy, and haunting — which is everything you’d want in a Neoclassical Doom album. Her music contains atmospheric, classical symphonic sounds, while maintaining the feel of pure angst. It’s like Easy Listening, but for Goths. To be honest with you, I’m a little biased. This isn’t the type of music I would listen to on a regular basis. Okay, scratch that. When I was 16, I would be absolutely losing my mind over this album....

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ANGUIS DEI – AD PORTAS SERPENTIUM (Svart Records) Okay, here we go. So, I was fairly nervous listening to this band for the first time. Here’s my deal with Black Metal bands (keep in mind, I’m being very light-hearted when I say this, so this isn’t to be taken personally or seriously). With black metal, it falls into two categories: Underground: 1.) Poorly recorded music with the drums being way too loud 2.) The guitars are not loud enough, or they are not in sync with each other (if there’s more than one guitar player – there always has...

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