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Canadian metal trio WarCall is back at it again with their fresh release Invaders. With their 4th release and one heavily influenced by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as well as the band’s own unique style of storytelling, aim to craft an album that is as adrenaline inducing as it is thought provoking. Not quite a traditional concept album but definitely running heavy on some central themes. Let’s see what all the ruckus is about, eh? Right away from the opening riffs and thumping drums there’s no denying the huge influence of 80’s NYC hardcore/punk has on the band when “Mission Commando” gets going. It...

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Anyone who knows me knows there are very few things in music I love writing about more than some hometown boys tearing shit up. Well thanks to the Michigan quintet of madness known as The Black Dahlia Murder and their new sick album Nightbringers, I’m about to indulge my ass off in one of my favorite past times. After seven hard hitting albums, you’d probably start wondering…”can they bring it just as intense for their eighth outing?”  And the answer is a resounding FUCK….YES! 16 years later and TBDM is killing it like it’s nothing. So enough warm – up let’s bust right...

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Break out your teen angst guys and ghouls, ’cause this one is full of raging against machines, your parents, the government, and all that jazz. If you’re looking for complexity or high brow lyricism, this album ain’t for you, Jack. But if you’re in more of a “meat and potatoes” punk influenced/nu-metal kinda mood then we got you fam – pull up a chair real quick. For starters Rig Time! is a Midwestern trio, hailing from Wisconsin, and they are dropping their third release, WAR, on October 20th courtesy of Innerstrength Records.  WAR is a rugged album that makes up for it’s lack of finesse...

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What do you get when you cross sick groove with industrial-esque heavy metal and drench it in badass sauce? You get the metal monsters of Denmark known as PSY: Code and their ripping new album Morke. Spanning genres ranging from melodeath to industrial to straight up hardcore, the last time an album did this so convincingly was when Fear Factory dropped Obsolete back in 1998. Mastering the balance of smooth Deftones style charisma and shattering skulls like an artillery shell, PSY: Code have crafted a truly must hear album. The album opens up with the very fiery track “Leech”, coming out swinging for the fences with raw intensity in every guitar lick...

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Straight outta Portland, Oregon, dark noise/somber metal band Atriarch unveils their 4th release Dead as Truth, not quite goth but utilizing a dark tone and waves of grey ambiance. Atriarch has crafted a sort of grunge/sludge metal combo that is wholly unique unto themselves. Fans of bands ranging from Type O Negative to Godsmack will find something to love amid the creeptastic tones and eerie lingering riffs. What they lack is intricate shredding and up tempo jams they make up for with the ability to craft a dreary landscape that begs to be played on repeat by candle light. The tracks barely contain the...

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Hailing from Nashville, TN, Howling Giant aren’t your typical good ole’ Southern boys. Instead, singing about the cosmic spaceways, rogue A.I. and numerous other curious occult things, this band is trippy. The good kinda trippy, taking you outta the funk of the everyday rat race for something celestial. It’s like Mastodon meets Rush meets psychedelic groove rock and the results are pretty damn spectacular. Howling Giant’s 3rd EP Black Hole Space Wizard Pt 2 continues the stellar journey crafted in the band’s second EP; not just more of the same, not some stale rehashing, but good rock that’s equal parts kick back and chill as it is jump...

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This, my friends, is an album that teaches you the virtue of a tiny bit of patience. Being straight up real deal with ya like I always am, I gotta say the first real track “Damnation” had me about 2 seconds from sharpening a pitchfork and lighting a torch. The music is so good but damn the vocals are awful. HOWEVER that first instinct was entirely wrong. This album is fuckin solid – LA power trio Sinicle takes quite the unique approach to groove oriented heavy metal and knocks it out of the park, one minor flub aside. “Death Coast” is...

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Finnish folk/heavy metal quintet Ensiferum is yet again back on the war path with a fresh new album, Two Paths, loaded from top to bottom with metal jams ready to rock the shit outta 2017.  With intricate shredding riffs, slick as sealskin drumming and a vocal maelstrom of goodness attacking all of your senses, Two Paths is an album you’ll not soon forget. It’s an adrenaline fueled yet heavily charismatic good time for anyone ready for some straight up heavy metal to get their blood pumping and a new album to put into regular rotation. The real opener is the pulse pounding track “For...

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