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SOCIETAL ISSUES, OBJECTIVITY, OPINIONS, AND PHIL LABONTE OF ALL THAT REMAINS On February 19th, an article written by Axl Rosenerg was published by, which many have concluded it to be combative and misleading. The article attacked All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte and his opinion on gun control, following the incident last week in Parkland, Florida. The article’s headline read, “All That Remains’ Phil Labonte has spoken out in favor of continuing to allow the ongoing murder of innocent children in exchange for making weapons manufacturers rich and allowing men with small penises to overcompensate.” Reading this story was shocking to...

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THE DIVIDED LINE – PARAMNESIA (self released) The first thing you’ll notice about Toronto’s The Divided Line is that their singer, Cave, sounds like a very decent in-between of Maynard James Keenan and David Draiman. There’s just enough ether in his voice to emulate Maynard, and just enough gravel in his voice to sound like Draiman. Good things, those. I like being assigned a good prog band, because Bloodrock doesn’t get a lot of them in our list of bands to review. Prog bands are always a good palate cleanser between all the harder metal bands we listen to,...

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OWL MAKER – PATHS OF THE SLAIN (self released) I checked the band’s facebook, there’s surprisingly little about the band that put out Paths of the Slain, which is kind of a let down, because I’m thoroughly enjoying their EP! Their logo suggests death metal, and given that I couldn’t find a sample of anything, I was entirely unsure of what to expect. I like that! When the EP’s first track started, I was greeted to the sultry sounds of something that sounds like Clutch hate fucking that guy from Nickelback in the back room of a dingy bar...

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DAEDALEAN COMPLEX – AFTER THE FALL (PRC Music) My first impressions from listening to the newest offering from Quebec’s Daedalean Complex was one of perplexion, but it quickly morphed into a nice reinforcement of a theory I have about bands and artists that don’t live in the more influential areas like L.A, New York, and Sweden. The short story is, I believe that bands who don’t live in those areas are going to, generally, produce better, more unique music than those cities all bands want to be huge in. The reason being is that since metal bands in L.A., New York,...

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SECURE – CHASING RAINBOWS (self released) We don’t get many bands from Russia, but when we do, it’s usually a good one. Such is the case with Secure’s newest EP Chasing Rainbows. It’s a surprising blend of emo- style metal and a little bit of Devon Townsend; nothing too ostentatious, just a nice blend of style and talent. One thing that I quickly liked right off the bat was the fact that the singer has some nuts on him. Too often in the emo genres do you have a singer who’s testicles CLEARLY have not descended, and hence, you have...

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REVENGER – THE NEW MYTHOLOGY VOL. 1 (self released) It’s nice to know that in a world where more strings equals apparently heavier music, there’s a metal band who keeps it real. I did a little homework on this and I can say, Vancouver’s Revenger really improved their sound. I took a listen to their first album To The Wolves, and then I popped in their newest EP, The New Mythology Vol. 1, and the difference in the overall mix was night and day. Very much improved. I won’t say the same about their song structuring or vocals, but...

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HAMKA – MULTIVERSAL (Fighter Records) This one surprised me right away. I hate to say it, but I let my first impressions get the better of me. I try not to read the press release or look at the photos/videos beforehand as not to let any of it cloud my objectivity. I did this time, and I paid the price, because Hamka looks like something out of a Buckle advertisement, but they certainly don’t sound like it! The very first track, “One Way Journey to the Unknown,” which is an instrumental intro, starts off like an epic battle about to...

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SUFFER IN SILENCE – BEAUTIFUL LIES (Sliptrick Records) When I think of the words “melodic death metal,” or when a band presents themselves as such, they’re not what I was imagining. “Melodic” implies a melody, and most of the time there is none. Such is the case with Italy’s Suffer In Silence. That said, it was still an interesting listen! I will say, the front end of the album isn’t a very good representation of the band. The first three tracks (“Nostalgia,” “Forced to Hate,” and “Eternal Slaves”) sound a little forced, while the back half of the album (minus...

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