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COFFIN CAROUSEL – BETWEEN DEATH & DEAD (Eclipse Records) From sunny Australia comes Coffin Carousel, a doomy sounding punk metal band (or so they label themselves), ready and willing to rape your ear holes. My first impressions of Between Death & Dead is that this band doesn’t sound punk at all. The first few tracks are a bit more dragging than I would’ve expected, almost like Ghost. After a bit, though, the songs pick up a bit and it becomes a weird amalgam of Green Day and Deadsy, and that’s really the most accurate comparison you’re going to get,...

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MIST OF MISERY- SHACKLES OF LIFE (Black Lion Records) This one’s gonna be a short one, folks, and that’s because it mostly falls to one side of the bar. For a Swedish black metal band, this album is a rare miss. I’ll be honest, the first two tracks on the album, I skipped right past. For some reason, the mix on this album just CRANKS the high end and it drowns out the guitars entirely, and it made the first two tracks completely unlistenable. I really hate to see bands that I know are talented get railroaded by a...

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SIFTING – NOT FROM HERE (Eclipse Records) When we here at Bloodrock are assigned albums to review, we usually get our pick of the litter. That means we typically do a bit of research on the bands beforehand to figure out which ones we’d like to review, based on whether or not we think we’d be able to do the band justice.  This time, I asked my editor to send me a few randoms to shake things up. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed with her choices for me! The short story, Not From Here is a damned good album....

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LO! – Vestigial (Pelagic Records) I hesitate to put a solid label on Sydney, Australia natives LO!. They’re a band I’ve followed for a couple years and, frankly, they defy definition, which happens to be one of the things I love most about them; you can’t firmly place them in one genre, and in this day and age, that’s a really good thing. They did a video a couple of years ago for their song “Orca,” in which the band were encased in these post apocalyptic NCB suits while Sam, their singer, emerged from a pool of pink slime....

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NEMECIC – THE DEATHCANTATION (Inverse Records) Out of Finland comes Nemecic, a five- piece juggernaut in training! I tried to find out more about them but there is surprisingly little on their Facebook – get to work on that guys! That said, there isn’t much that can be said about this band that would really do them any service. The album was recorded at Sound Spiral Studios in January 2017, and the result speaks for itself; fellas, it fuckin’ rocks. The singer’s name is Henry, who spends his free time covering songs on YouTube. Out of this, you’d imagine, he’s done...

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INFECTED RAIN – 86 I’ve been following this band for the better part of a decade, and, while nu metal hasn’t really been a word that’s passed around with affection these days, we all still love Coal Chamber and Slipknot, right? Ok let’s move on, then. Infected Rain are from Moldova. If you don’t know where that is, it’s stuck right between Ukraine, and Romania. It’s one of the poorest nations in the world, and it’s mostly farm country. It’s also in a part of the world that, trust me, is still hurting from it’s Russian- oppressed era(they’re only...

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It would seem that Dragonforce is not immune to tour pranks. Playing to a packed crowd at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL, vocalist Marc Hudson was surprised with an end-of-tour prank by tour mates Once Human on Saturday,  just as the band was about to go into their well received cover of “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash. As the song was starting, members of Once Human stormed the stage with Hudson’s spare wireless mic, which had been taped to a double ended sex toy and took the one Marc was using. As Dragonforce played the song, their...

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  DEATH THE LEVELLER – DEATH THE LEVELLER Out of Ireland comes Death The Leveller, a band that labels themselves as doom metal, although, I have a hard time agreeing with it. They have some of the markers of doom metal – dropped tuned, slow, sullen riffs and complimentary drumming, but the reason I have a problem calling them doom metal is because their singer (Denis Dowling), while sullen, sings mostly in majors. Not a big thing, I know, but still, it threw me off. This four-song EP runs, and I’m not even kidding, a whopping 38 minutes long....

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