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A NIGHT IN TEXAS – GLOBAL SLAUGHTER The brutal 5-piece Australian deathcore outfit, A Night in Texas, are soon to release their their next studio album, Global Slaughter, on December 11th of 2017. With 2017 having been full of amazing albums so far, this one is no exception. The album is centered around topics like the American political state, pollution and destroying the planet, which is interesting considering a lot of music over the past year has seemed to stray away from topical subjects in tread of more emotional subject matter. Taking it back to metal roots, and screaming F%$@ the government, right? But in...

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Sandor Valy – Young Dionysis Conceptual Artist Sandor Valy is soon to release his newest body of work on September 15th of this year, courtesy of Ektro Records. Already having a reputation for his abstract and interesting view on art, more specifically his interpretation of art, this album is just part of a larger art project including sculptures, dance, etc. With the intro track being played on a piano with a sander, drumsticks, and eventually destroying it with an axe (in true Bloodrock Media fashion), and continuing to play the destroyed piano, there is not much else to say, besides lets get into the...

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Karamazov – Self Control Minneapolis based solo project Karamazov is soon to release his newest EP, Self Control on August 18th of this year. Otherwise known as Luke Olson (ex Blue Ox, ex Ambassador Gun)after the disbandment of Ambassador Gun, he decided to do something that’s been becoming a bit more popular recently, and mix electronic music with metal elements. Artists such as the recently famous EvOlution (Dallas Turner) have taken the idea of making electronic music and adding metal elements to it to the next level. each seems to do it a bit differently, as Dallas mainly featured vocalists, especially deathcore, Luke focused mainly on local...

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Folk black metal band Dzö-Nga recently released their newest album The Sachem’s Tale on July 17th, courtesy of Avantgarde Music. Based on Algonquin folklore, this album depicts a trip up the Himalayan mountains in an otherworldly manner. This album caught my attention very quickly due to its classical orchestral composition. This isn’t so much a black metal album as it is a classical folk story. The moments where the black metal comes through are decent, but this band’s songwriting ability really shines in their compositions. Because of this, my favorite song was “Halle Ravine,” with a full instrumental of just an orchestral composition....

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Russian conceptual metal band Samadhi Sitaram recently released their newest full length album Kaliyuga Babalon courtesy of Sliptrick Records. This band definitely falls under conceptual with their music, but it’s done in a pretty cool way. A mix of somewhat nu-metal style guitar tracks adds a melodic touch to it, but it keeps the heavier breakdown style of the music the vocals are modeled after. One of my favorites on the album was “Shangri La,” which sounded like a melodic deathcore song, with chugginess and groove metal influence but paired with deathcore style vocals. What really intrigued me about this band is that...

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Canadian based metal band Planet Eater recently released their newest full length album Blackness From The Stars, on August 4th, and I could tell from the first 15 seconds, this was gonna be a good one. The first thing I have to commend these guys on is their unique sound, because I honestly can’t tell what exact genre this is, but in a good way. They blended the proggy riffs, death metal grooves, and all the other ideas together so well that it definitely sets them apart. One of my favorites on the album was “A Fault to Fix”, with its groovy as hell guitar and...

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  Atmospheric black metal band Vindkast recently re-released their old limited release album Archaic Collapse, courtesy of Avantgarde Music.  Having only printed 100 cassettes (no need to break out your Walkman this time) in the previous release, long times fans should be excited. Vindkast is one of those bands that if you haven’t heard of them before, you will be extremely mad at yourself.  They really grab you and pulled you in with the ambiance and intensity of their sound, but even after listening to it again, they have a certain complexity with their sound. Vindkast really brings a lot to the table as far as their...

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North Carolina based metal band Demon Eyes is soon to release their new full length album, Prophecies and Lies, on September 8th, courtesy of Soulseller Records. Prophecies and Lies has a very class metal sound. The only complaint lies with the simple recording quality of the album. It may be a little too gritty and rough around the edges, some grit is great but there may be too much. For those that love 70’s rock and metal this will be right up their alley. One thing that did make Prophecies and Lies stand out is that there seemed to be a little...

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