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Anthrax – For All Kings

Anthrax – For All Kings Written by Ken Bowden on February 25, 2016 for Bloodrock Media Let’s be honest, Anthrax is one of those old school trash bands metal lovers either fuck with or they don’t. Regardless what side one is on, they are icons of the metal scene, and they get their respect. The band’s newest release For All Kings or 4AK made its official debut on February 26th and sports some killer cover art, even though most jaded heathens will like. The intro to 4AK is short and sweet, instrumentally ominous and all that good stuff. The...

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Glory Be To Ghost

Written by Ken Bowden on February 23, 2016 for Bloodrock Media Put up your horns ladies and gents, the metal world has caught Hollywood with their pants down yet again. Snagging the Grammy for Best Metal Performance this year was Ghost. Ghost is doing more of what we need (and let’s be honest want) to see at the glitzy and glamorous awards shows like the Grammy’s, the not so safe choice winning, and not simply to pacify naysers. If we are honest with ourselves, that’s historically what the Best Metal Performance category has been for the Grammy’s and similar shows, with the occasional nod to a winner who ISN’T already embraced by the mainstream.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting in anyone’s cereal here, I don’t have one Grammy, let alone multiple, so what the fuck do I know? But I am extremely hard pressed to name an album as universally despised by fans as the audial terrorist attack that was Metallica’s “St. Anger”. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, GOOGLE IT, right now, don’t be shy. Seriously, pull out your phone, tablet, or boot up your computer and see for yourself what fans had to say across the expansive interwebz about the album. Not just “St. Anger” but other winners or even nominees, many of whom it was pretty much assumed upon announcement, would...

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The Maledict – Dread

The Maledict – Dread Written by Kelsie Lunsford on February 23, 2016 for Bloodrock Media Australian death/doom band, The Maledict, is set to release their self-produced debut studio album, Dread on March 4th. The four piece band consists of Ian McLean’s screaming vocals, Stuart Henry’s sick guitar riffs, Stuart McCarthy rockin’ the bass guitar, and Karl Freitag beating away on drums. If you’re not familiar with The Maledict, you’re honestly missing out on some vantablack, exquisitely morose, death metal. Dread will quite literally rock death metal fan’s Chucks off. One of the first things one will notice while listening...

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Aranda – Not the Same

Aranda – Not the Same by Kelly Tucker for Bloodrock Media Aranda, a post-grunge duo hailing from Oklahoma City, is comprised of brothers, Dameon Aranda and Gabe Aranda.  Their overall sound, self-described to be “like combining Woodstock with hearing the blast of an atom bomb”, is radio-ready pop rock that while simple, is still quite complex. Their third album, released on June 29th, “Not The Same” succeeds where many fail in the genre. The album is truly a free-form, from-the-heart product with prodigious drumming, guitars, and vocals. What stands out the most about the album is that while it...

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