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LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE! It’s only going to get better, people! Leave your questions and comments below! In this week’s big pimpin’ episode, I take you around the world for a bit, and then I bring it back to talk about a couple seriously kick ass US bands. You can get acquainted with each one of them by using the links below! Winny Puhh – Extinction Level Event – Killing The Catalyst – Infected Rain – LO! – Also read the review of Infected Rain’s new album right here! You can also fall in...

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Last night I couldn’t sleep, I was consumed by the kidnapping and rape allegations against Decapitated, I couldn’t stop researching the situation long enough to fall asleep.  Actually the incident has filled my thoughts the last several days because two of our employees, Ethan Grason and Jay McCleskey, interviewed the guys on August 25th in Houston, Texas on this tour….so we’ve talked about it a few times and if either of them got the sense that the dudes of Decapitated were capable of such a thing.  Last night, the situation got the better of me; I started doing my own...

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Despite fear of being stranded in Houston by Hurricane Harvey’s arrival, Ethan Grason of Bloodrock Media, sat down with the guys of Decapitated on August 25, 2017.  Yesterday (September 10th) the dudes were arrested for an alleged kidnapping of a female in Washington.  Ethan, our resident sex kitten, didn’t get kidnappy or rapey vibes from the Poland natives, he thought they were extremely chill (almost too chill).  And if anyone knows kidnappy or rapey vibes, it is Ethan, this is the only interview he’s conducted for BRM that he wasn’t sexually molested by one of the band members (so he...

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Ethan Grason of Bloodrock Media had a chance to kick it with Deathcore Jesus and family on August 25, 2017 in Houston, TX.  The boys of BRM almost didn’t make it to the show, as Hurricane Harvey was just hours away from Houston, but being the dedicated employees and fans of TAIM that they are, they decided that Deathcore Jesus would save them or at least they would die surrounded by their deathcore family!   #deathcore #deathcorejesus #taim #thyartismurder #bigpoppa #bloodrockmedia #interview #hurricaneharvey...

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In this inaugural episode, I discuss some bands that I’ve grown to love over the years, and I know you will to. Be the true music fan and support these guys! By the way, Okilly Dokilly is from Phoenix, AZ. Mechina: Dead Horse Trauma: Tacit Fury: Raptor Command: Okilly Dokilly:     And if you think we are cool, check out our Spotify playlist which features the bands we have covered on The Underground Bunker by...

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Rivers of Nihil Announce Fall Tour Dates, Currently Recording New Album

This October, Rivers of Nihil will make the trek out to Texas Revolution Festival, to appear with Upon A Burning Body, Fire From The Gods, Impending Doom, King 810, Within The Ruins, Aversions Crown, Enterprise Earth, Currents, Prison, Darke Complex, Reign, and Bodysnatcher. Along the way, the group will play a string of headline shows leading to and from the fest. See below for all dates! Rivers of Nihil tour dates Oct. 24 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Funhouse at Mr. Small’s Oct. 26 – Nashville, TN – The End Oct. 28 – Austin, TX – Texas Revolution Festival Oct. 29 – Fort Worth, TX – The Rail Club...

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Sacred Reich: ‘Ignorance – 30th Anniversary’ LP and digipak CD re-issues now available via Metal Blade Records – for the first time ever with original artwork!

For the first time ever with the original artwork, Sacred Reich‘s classic Ignorance album is available as a special 30th Anniversary LP and digipak CD re-issue via Metal Blade Records! The digipak CD features bonus tracks; the vinyl has received the “MB Originals” treatment, which means 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts. The album has also been remastered by Patrick W. Engel. See below for an overview of formats; to purchase your copies, please visit: Digipak CD track-listing: 1. Death Squad 2. Victim of Demise 3. Layed to Rest 4. Ignorance 5. No Believers 6. Violent...

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