Month: September 2017


In this episode, once again we go all around the world to find some seriously kick butt bands.  I also drink wine and talk about my cat, Lotus. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND MUSIC SCENE! Band web links: Bationmaster: Skiver: The World Over: Twelve Foot Ninja: Spasm: Find us on Facebook! Check out the new Spotify playlist! Follow us on Twitter:

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Straight outta Portland, Oregon, dark noise/somber metal band Atriarch unveils their 4th release Dead as Truth, not quite goth but utilizing a dark tone and waves of grey ambiance. Atriarch has crafted a sort of grunge/sludge metal combo that is wholly unique unto themselves. Fans of bands ranging from Type O Negative to Godsmack will find something to love amid the creeptastic tones and eerie lingering riffs. What they lack is intricate shredding and up tempo jams they make up for with the ability to craft a dreary landscape that begs to be played on repeat by candle light. The tracks barely contain the...

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Hailing from Nashville, TN, Howling Giant aren’t your typical good ole’ Southern boys. Instead, singing about the cosmic spaceways, rogue A.I. and numerous other curious occult things, this band is trippy. The good kinda trippy, taking you outta the funk of the everyday rat race for something celestial. It’s like Mastodon meets Rush meets psychedelic groove rock and the results are pretty damn spectacular. Howling Giant’s 3rd EP Black Hole Space Wizard Pt 2 continues the stellar journey crafted in the band’s second EP; not just more of the same, not some stale rehashing, but good rock that’s equal parts kick back and chill as it is jump...

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This, my friends, is an album that teaches you the virtue of a tiny bit of patience. Being straight up real deal with ya like I always am, I gotta say the first real track “Damnation” had me about 2 seconds from sharpening a pitchfork and lighting a torch. The music is so good but damn the vocals are awful. HOWEVER that first instinct was entirely wrong. This album is fuckin solid – LA power trio Sinicle takes quite the unique approach to groove oriented heavy metal and knocks it out of the park, one minor flub aside. “Death Coast” is...

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Finnish folk/heavy metal quintet Ensiferum is yet again back on the war path with a fresh new album, Two Paths, loaded from top to bottom with metal jams ready to rock the shit outta 2017.  With intricate shredding riffs, slick as sealskin drumming and a vocal maelstrom of goodness attacking all of your senses, Two Paths is an album you’ll not soon forget. It’s an adrenaline fueled yet heavily charismatic good time for anyone ready for some straight up heavy metal to get their blood pumping and a new album to put into regular rotation. The real opener is the pulse pounding track “For...

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Hard as rusty nails and twice as unforgiving, Cripper is back to tear shit up and leave you begging for more with their latest drop Follow Me: Kill!  They prove yet again just how ferocious they are. With four albums already under their belt, Cripper has more than proved their metal merit but now its time to takes things up another notch with this one. Right out the gates, Cripper comes swinging and hard as hell, the aptly titled “Pressure” does just that by jamming raw as hell metal right down your throat. Britta Gortz’s vocals assault all your senses with no shred of mercy....

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Tonight is a special one boys and ghouls ’cause we’re bringing you a double dose of classic metal shredding with Army of One and Through the Storm bonus edition releases from metal legends Riot out now! Let’s take a heavy trip down metal memory lane as we first delve into Riot‘s Army of One.  Originally released in 2006, Army of One still hits as hard as any contemporary band while staying true to it’s old school shred roots. On that note let’s take a look back and see just why that is yeah? Despite it’s “European” metal sound similar to bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Riot began...

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COFFIN CAROUSEL – BETWEEN DEATH & DEAD (Eclipse Records) From sunny Australia comes Coffin Carousel, a doomy sounding punk metal band (or so they label themselves), ready and willing to rape your ear holes. My first impressions of Between Death & Dead is that this band doesn’t sound punk at all. The first few tracks are a bit more dragging than I would’ve expected, almost like Ghost. After a bit, though, the songs pick up a bit and it becomes a weird amalgam of Green Day and Deadsy, and that’s really the most accurate comparison you’re going to get,...

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