Day: March 13, 2017


CRUCIFY THE FAITH – NEW BREED Every now and then you come across an album or a single that just digs itself into your brain in a way that you just cannot get tired of hearing it, that is Crucify the Faith’s EP New Breed.  Released on February 28th, the melodic deathcore quintet’s most excellent execution of being heavier than a freight train while being so groovy even the Devil himself would dance to it.  If you have been looking for something of that caliber, then your search is over, New Breed is it. While New Breed is not perfect,...

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BAND TO PERFORM AT ANOTHER CENTURY SXSW SHOWCASE Los Angeles alt-pop act VARSITY WEEK is thrilled to reveal the music video for their single, “Anyways” which premiered on Alternative Press this past Friday. Vocalist Brandon Eisenbeis explains, “‘Anyways’ is about walking away from anything that’s not working and starting fresh. We can all relate to that. We really wanted to express that in the concept for the video.” Directed by Ryan Pesecky (, the video is a visually stunning piece of art, with heartfelt storyline. “The video pushes new breath into the song, to a point where we understand it better as a...

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ACHIOTE – LONELINESS OF ENDLESS DAYS Achiote released their sophomore album entitled Loneliness of Endless Days courtesy of V.R. Label Finland on February 10th. Achiote is a Finnish metal band combining heavy and soulful 90’s rock, spiced up with norther romanticism. As the title, Loneliness of Endless Days implies, the album is about sadness and leaving things behind. The album comes from the band’s own personal experiences of illness, divorce, and drifting apart. Loneliness of Endless Days is a bit unexpected, when one hears “Finnish” and “metal” together, the immediate assumption is that the music will be all about devil worshiping, destroy everything, and murdering foe. That is not quite what Achiote is about, which is definitely not a bad thing. Because melt your face off death and destruction is what is expected, it could be a disappointment to some when they hit play. For others, it will be a pleasant surprise, an against the grain Finnish metal band. Achiote may not be the next Emperor or Dying Fetus, that isn’t to say they aren’t a solid band. Tracks like “Desert Sun”, “Ghost Under the Sun”, and “Ocean Blue” showcase the groups ability to blend various musical influences into catchy, yet heavy hitting tracks. Providing a nice contrast to some of the more somber tracks on Loneliness of Endless Days, both of which exemplify the diverse capability of the...

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DAMNATION PLAN – REALITY ILLUSION Finnish death metal mavericks Damnation Plan released their second full length album, Reality Illusion on March 10th courtesy of Inverse Records.   Four long years fans had to wait for their craving for more Damnation Plan to be satisfied…..and it was worth the wait.   On the rare occasion an album’s intro is so good that it gets the adrenaline pumping and primes the earholes for what is to come, you know you are in for a good time.  From the instant one hits play,  Reality Illusion, brings it.  A killer blend of heavy as hell, with tight melodies, and infectious grooves, Damnation Plan gets it right track after track.  Reality Illusion’s transitions are as smooth as silk; when one brilliant track ends another begins, without sounding redundant or stale.  It isn’t until the instrumental interlude “The Empowerment” begins that one realizes they’ve lost track of time, lost in the music, without an ounce of regret.  Even as the slower tempo,  “Maze of Despair”, coaxes you back into the glorious madness, it feels natural, it is where you belong.  There are so many killer tracks on Reality Illusion, it is difficult to pick a favorite.  “Rise of the Messenger” with it’s beautiful harmonies and the intense, roller coaster ride that is “Final Destination”, are gifts from Damnation Plan.   Reality Illusion is classy, meaningful, technical, and precise. To be...

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DEMISE OF THE ENTHRONED – ANGELICIDE Prepare to have your faces melted off when Michigan’s own Demise of the Enthroned drop their hellfire new EP entitled Angelicide on April 8th.  Angelicide is a cutthroat collection of unapologetic, fast and heavy death metal tracks that will have listeners adrenaline pumping and horns flying high in the air.  One listen will assure metal fans of two simple things:  1)  Demise of the Enthroned is brutal as hell and they do brutal extremely well and 2) Angelicide is just the beginning of a glorious, extensive, and vicious warpath that will be paved in molten metal and blood by these dudes. Fans of bands like Morbid Angel and Lamb of God will find Demise of the Enthroned to be just what the doctor ordered.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the release of Angelicide by Demise of the Enthroned next month and definitely head out to their EP release party on April 8th at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.  And remember when you have whiplash from headbanging and your ears are bleeding, but you can’t stop listening to Angelicide, personal injury lawyers do not frequent moshpits so suck it up, spray some Windex on it, and fucking enjoy! Tracklist 1.  Angelicide 2.  Death Eater 3.  Texas Funeral Lineup Jay Shireman – Vocals Nathan McKervey – Guitar Chris Allen – Guitar Dan Faulman – Bass Pete Onderko – Drums Follow...

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LANTERN Debut New Song: “Lucid Endlessness”

LANTERN Debut New Song: “Lucid Endlessness”         Finnish Death Dealers LANTERN have premiered a new song from forthcoming Dark Descent Records album II: Morphosis, courtesy of No Clean Singing. Stream the beast at this location. Dark Descent Records will once again unleash Finland’s LANTERN upon the huddled masses. The band’s second full-length, II: Morphosis, is set for a March 17 release.   Pre-order the album on CD, black vinyl, and blue/black splatter vinyl. Make sure to check out Decibel’s exclusive stream of “Black Miasma” here. II: Morphosis was mixed and mastered by Dan Lowndes/Resonance Sound Studios. Artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak.  “Since LANTERN’s debut full-length Below perfectly got the zeitgeist of the mid-10’s dark and arcane DM revival DARK DESCENT RECORDS has almost become synonymous for, it would have made perfect sense for those Finns to simply so to speak return to very same cave and lock themselves up down there with no heat nor light for two weeks straight to conjure the same type of pitch black music. But this is where you draw the line in between those happy with their little niche and the real artists, destined to expand their horizon no matter what…  Fear not, II – Morphosis isn’t trying to reach for the light either and still reeks of the ancient metal ov death foul stench. And even if they’ve now officially integrated the three extra members the initial duo had with them since 2011 for live activities and recorded it as a...

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