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Dropping April 30th, Poland’s own Loathfinder is set to release their new EP, The Great Tired Ones, via indy label Godz ov War. Loathfinder is an acquired taste among metal bands, definitely unique in their sound, bringing their own flavor of sludge metal in these four haunting tracks. What The Great Tired Ones lacks in fast paced, energetic sound it makes up for by masterfully crafting a doom and gloom, bleak sonic underworld. The lyrics are grim and abysmal, the riffs creep under your skin as one takes the bleak journey through this EP, one such track “Scents of...

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Death Toll Rises with New SARCASM Stream

   Legendary Swedish Death Metallers SARCASM have partnered with Decibel for the premiere of new song “Silent Waves Summoned Your Inner Being.” Take the plunge at: SARCASM have returned with Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds. The album will be released April 28 on Dark Descent Records. Pre-order it at this location. A lyric video for new song “In The Grip of Awakening Times” is available at here. Following the unearthing of their first proper full-length, Burial Dimensions (originally recorded in 1994 and officially released in 2016), the new long player is in a sense the payoff of a long, bumpy history that included demos, compilations,...

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Science of Sleep: Official Video for “Condemned to Burn” Released

    German Bruisers SCIENCE OF SLEEP have released the official video for “Condemned to Burn,” a track from last year’s Hellmouth album (Bastardized Recordings). Check out the video at this location. The video was filmed at the band’s album release show and features extreme live action with some backstage hilarity.  Hellmouth was released November 25 on Bastardized Recordings.  Package Deal: CD: T-Shirt: iTunes: The new album combines elements of death metal, deathcore and not-so-subtle black and dark influences.The music features the band’s trademark rapid-fire brutality and is full of blast-beats and heavy breakdowns. Lyrically and conceptually, the album address a variety of topics, reaching from the Hell mythology, fascism and the darkest parts of the human nature.   Hellmouth was recorded with Simon Hawemann (Sludge Studios, War From A Harlots Mouth) in Berlin and mixed by Christian Schwarz (Schwarzmusik). The mastering was done by Andy Marsh (Thy Art is Murder). The artwork is a collaboration of Robert Borbas (Grindesign) and “Sin Eater”. “It is the heaviest album of the year.”  – “Demolition from Lower Saxony.” – Metal Hammer (Germany)  “If you are looking for something that will downright tear your fucking head off and gut you like a fish, then these guys are the band for you.”  – Cadaver Garden “A gloriously brutal and dark album.”  – Roppongi Rocks“Hellmouth succeeds in its direct distinction. There are no gimmicks, no transgressions; it is loyal to itself, and...

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EXCOMMUNION to release Thronosis May 12

  As the world crumbles beneath our feet, a slumbering beast awakens to feast on the weak. That beast is Excommunion. The band will break a years-long silence with the upcoming release of Thronosis.   Fifteen years after their sonic blitzkrieg that was their debut album “Superion,” Colorado born Excommunion triumphantly return with Thronosis. Christbutcher and Kyle Spanswick once again form the backbone for this relentless return.   The band comments: “In death we are born again, to rise once more with new form, beneath the Shadow of the Logos. Old doctrines are cast into the abyss and old flesh flensed and given to the flames of pyres. Let only the old name remain as our epithet. Let all else burn and fall from this new and glorious form within the paradoxical light of a greater heresy. In death, Excommunion arises once more…” The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero and Excommunion. Cover art by Lauri Laaksonen (Desolate Shrine). Track listing: 1. Twilight of Eschaton 2. Nemesis 3. World Crucifier 4. Blessed is the Epoch of Darkness and Strife   Dark Descent Records will release Thronosis on May 12. Christbutcher – Vocals Kyle Spanswick – Guitars, Bass, Lyrics Gordon Koch – Drums

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The 4th Annual JOURNEYS ALTERNATIVE PRESS MUSIC AWARDS, FUELED BY MONSTER ENERGY Announce 2017 Venue + VIP & Early Bird Ticket Details

Early Bird & VIP Tickets On Sale Now:   July 17, 2017 | Cleveland, Ohio | Quicken Loans Arena   “The GRAMMYs of Alternative Music” – TIME Magazine   CLEVELAND, OH – The Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, Fueled by Monster Energy Drink are thrilled to finally announce that on July 17, 2017, the main event will return to Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena-home court of Lebron James and 2016 NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers! The massive facilities at Quicken Loans Arena are the perfect location to host this year’s show, which will transform into a refreshed, produced-for-television atmosphere to fully immerse fans...

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SABATON Distinguished with Gold and Platinum Awards!

“The Last Tour”, with support from LEAVES’ EYES and BATTLE BEAST, begins April 20 Tickets and VIP Packs Available via WWW.SABATON.NET   Order SABATON’s The Last Stand via Nuclear Blast!       Swedish war machine, SABATON, is currently touring the world in support of their latest studio record titled The Last Stand (August 19, 2016 via Nuclear Blast) and also holding #1 (The Last Stand), #7 (Carolus Rex; on the top for 248 (!) weeks in a row now), #9 (Heroes), and #17 (The Art Of War) in the Swedish Top 20 rock charts. After hitting the charts worldwide with The Last Stand last year (#6 World; #1...

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New LOGIC OF DENIAL album coming in June via Comatose Music

Comatose Music has set a June 9 release date for Aftermath, the new album from Logic of Denial. This is the third album by these Italian miscreants, further expanding the sonic exploration crafted in their previous 2013 effort Atonement with a more diverse, brutal and complex approach.  The band’s evolution can be heard on the premiere of album track “Devouring Seeds of the Apocalypse.” The song is now streaming at Conceived as a three chapter concept album about the various stages during the grieving process, Aftermath contains twelve vicious tracks which conceptually probe the resentment consistent with the incessant and infamous vilification of human vulnerability.  This is fast and technical brutal death metal with guttural vocals and superb production.  Aftermath is a “must have” release for 2017! Album artwork by the mighty Jon Zig. Track Listing: 1. Abscission 2. Devouring Seeds of the Apocalypse 3. Gorging on Innocence 4. Miroir 5. Sufferance 6. Assenza (The Sufferance Ouverture) 7. Larvae of Eden 8. The Decaying Drama (Pt. I: Quietus – Pt. II: Antinferno) 9. Defilement 10. Violating the Canvas of Forgotten Purity 11. Immaculate 12. Euphoric Abhorrent Synthesis

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Australian death metal band In Death are set to release their new album, The Devil Speaks, on April 21st. Upon hitting play, it is apparent that the title fits. The opener, “Malignancy Eradicated”, is tight but once the second track “The Pitfalls of Immortality” starts, you can clearly see In Death is interested only in tearing heads clean off with a musical battle ax. Each track is progressively harder than the last, without giving the listener a second to breathe. But who needs to oxygen when The Devil Speaks is compelling you?!   The Devil Speaks is adrenaline pumping,...

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