Day: January 2, 2017

Sleepwalkers – Hollowpath

Sleepwalkers – Hollowpath Sleepwalkers, established in 2010 by Mike Watts to create slow, melodic death/doom metal that evoke visions of shifting dreams and bleak nightmares within a heavy framework of dark overtones and deeply tortured screams, roared emotionally by Caleb Bergen and rumbling bass lines provided by Daniel Luces to accompany the thick, layered guitars laid down by Watts. On October 14th, 2016, Sleepwalkers released their somber, crushingly heavy album, Hollowpath, via Transcending Records and dark, severe, marvelous, and heavy as fuck are just a few ways to describe this delicious morsel of doom metal. While the EP is...

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Rock Rockies Released “Bad Girl”

Rock Rockies Released “Bad Girl” The Egyptian classic rock band “Rock Rockies” released their new single “Bad Girl” today. “Bad Girl” is the band latest release and a nice goodbye for 2016 which released today Saturday, December 31, 2016. (Click on image to listen to the BAD GIRL!) “Bad Girl” artwork have been designed by Karim Hamdy.  And for guitars and drum lines have been recorded by Taher Saleh at Dream Studio. In addition, James Massi (Lead Vocals) and Patrick Khalil (Back Vocal & Drums) have recorded all vocal lines at Sound of Sakia by Mena Ezzat. The song have been mastered and mixed by Mohamed Omar Abd...

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