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We asked our staff to give us their five favorite releases of 2017, even if they are not a journalist.  2017 was a kickass year for music releases and we wanted the opporunity to share our favorites (even if we didn’t review them) with you all and here they are. Journalist Ken Kaizer’s picks of 2017 are about as diverse as it comes and that is why we love him so much, he likes a little bit of everything.  His favorite releases of 2017 are: 1. Glassjaw – Material Control Label: Century Media Release Date: 12/1/2017 Rarely does one...

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That’s a wrap, now onto the next…….. 2017 was quite the turbulent, up and down year in all areas. Politically, economically, and artistically, and it all truly comes down to who you talk too. For me, politically, personally and economically, I had quite the down year. Politically I hate my country and all that it appears to stand for now, economically I’m currently broke (although that is looking better each day) and personally, with the exception of my family, I have very little to show in the way of a personal life (I’m woefully single and all the friends...

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HAMKA – MULTIVERSAL (Fighter Records) This one surprised me right away. I hate to say it, but I let my first impressions get the better of me. I try not to read the press release or look at the photos/videos beforehand as not to let any of it cloud my objectivity. I did this time, and I paid the price, because Hamka looks like something out of a Buckle advertisement, but they certainly don’t sound like it! The very first track, “One Way Journey to the Unknown,” which is an instrumental intro, starts off like an epic battle about to...

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German metalers Accuser (stylized Accu§er) are back yet again after being in a constant songwriting mode all over the past year. Together with long time producer Martin Buchwalter, this songwriting mode has culminated into their newest album The Mastery, due out January 26, 2018. For the band, The Mastery is some kind of missing link between the technical virtuosity of an album like Who Dominates Who and the more basic, heavy approach of Repent, and these ten tracks are exactly that: heavy. If this is your first taste of Accuser since their initial formation in 1986 (and then later...

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Technical death metallers Terminal Function have gone smaller with the release of their newest EP Krakstören. Described as “aggressive and progressive,” the band had set out to write shorter, more explosive songs. With there being only three tracks to discuss (it is an EP after all), I’ll get right into it. It opens with “Chiral Ghost,” and it is heavy. The track explodes with a signature death metal sound that has tons of energy, while (either intentionally or unintentionally) adding some prog-rock elements. The drums are incredibly impressive and the guitars are superb. Guitarist Mikael Almgren says, “The lyrics for...

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Hamferð refers to an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen. The doom metal group is set to release the third part of their self-described “reverse chronological saga” on January 12, 2018. From the bio given to us by Metal Blade Records, “Roughly translated as Body of the Mist, Támsins likam is an attempt to create the most intriguing, honest and unique Hamferð experience yet. It is nothing less than a pinnacle; a culmination of many years of refining both sound and songwriting, spearheaded by a strong desire...

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Coming from Italy, symphonic death metal pioneers Genus Ordinis Dei have done it again with the release of their second full-length album Great Olden Dynasty via Eclipse Records. These ten tracks combine traditional death metal with bits of symphony and theatricality, and they do so wonderfully. Opener “The Unleashed” seamlessly meshes ripping guitars with classical strings, pounding drums and a touch of melody. All of this is joined by the particularly impressive vocals of Nick K, which sound a hell of a lot like those of Randy Blythe (Lamb of God). “You Die in Roma” has a majestic feel...

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SUFFER IN SILENCE – BEAUTIFUL LIES (Sliptrick Records) When I think of the words “melodic death metal,” or when a band presents themselves as such, they’re not what I was imagining. “Melodic” implies a melody, and most of the time there is none. Such is the case with Italy’s Suffer In Silence. That said, it was still an interesting listen! I will say, the front end of the album isn’t a very good representation of the band. The first three tracks (“Nostalgia,” “Forced to Hate,” and “Eternal Slaves”) sound a little forced, while the back half of the album (minus...

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