Day: September 15, 2016

October Metal Insanity

Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media Rejoice Metalheads, October comes bearing some extremely head banging hits. The Metal Gods have smiled upon us and the month of October is bringing us many, many gifts. Candiria, Red Fang, Dillinger Escape Plan, Car Bomb, and more are dropping some brand new heavy as fuck full length albums in October and ensuring you’re gonna get plenty of whiplash and horns in the air this Fall. That’s right boys and devil dolls the entire month is gonna be chocked full of new shit your ears will thank you for.   As if the aforementioned weren’t enough, Korn is also dropping a new album ”The Serenity of Suffering” (10/21), as well as a long awaited debut album from supergroup Serpentine Dominion (10/28). It seems forever ago that Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D let it be known he was working on a death metal project with Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpse Grinder” Fischer, and ex- Black Dahlia Murder drummer Shannon Lucas, FINALLY we get to see the fruits of their labor on 10/28 with the release of their self titled album “Serpentine Dominion”. Here’s a quick breakdown of some album dates to keep an eye out for: ALTER BRIDGE ”The Last Hero”- October 7th CANDIRIA “While They Were Sleeping”- October 7th DANCE GAVIN DANCE “Mothership”-October 7th MESHUGGAH “The Violent Sounds of Meshuggah”-October 7th DEE...

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Shallow State – Now or Never

Shallow State – Now or Never Chicago area rockers, Shallow State recently released their new single “Now or Never” to Reverbnation. The track is reminiscent of Core/Purple (1992-1994) Stone Temple Pilots with just a touch of Come Clean (2001) Puddle of Mudd, heavier alternative rock with a layer of chick friendly radio rock (in a very good way). From beginning to end “Now or Never” is very enjoyable; exhibiting tremendously tight vocals, exceptionally catchy rhythms and chorus, and a diverse appeal to fans across rock subgenres, all while being mainstream radio friendly. The only issue with “Now or Never” is the enormous amount of cymbal just after the chorus, 15 seconds of cymbals crashing is a bit excessive, but some may feel ‘you can never have too much cowbell’. Shallow State should absolutely provide “Now or Never” to mainstream radio outlets for rotation consideration; it is a song that will garner notice from the conventional, but obviously not as badass, rock outlets. Overall, “Now or Never” is an awesome track and will definitely be in Asgard Radio’s regular rotation for listeners around the world to enjoy.  And we patiently await more from Shallow State….okay, impatiently.   Fans in the Chicago should head over to Penny Road Pub on August 5 to check Shallow State out, the event can be found...

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