Month: July 2016

Flaw – Divided We Fall

Flaw – Divided We Fall Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 25, 2016 Kentuckians, Flaw, have always been a bit different than most in the rock scene, breaking through at the end of the nu-metal era, they brought chugging riffs and intense vocals with a more positive, uplifting feel.  Then, seemingly as quickly as they exploded on to the scene, they were gone.  Only four years after being signed to Universal Records, they were dropped, and eventually broke up. Struggling for years with membership changes, rumors of internal strife, and new projects, one could say that...

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Silvertung – Out of the Box

Silvertung – Out of the Box Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 25, 2016 Silvertung, hailing from Maryland, released their third album and first EP, Out of the Box, on July 8, 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  The band’s singles “Face the Music” and “Devil’s Advocate” have been making their way up the national charts, giving some of the top national acts a run for their money. Out of the Box is not in any way confused by what it is and was meant to be, straight forward, in your face rock from start to finish.  Tracks “Face the Music” and chart making single thumper “Devil’s Advocate” are any stadium anthem, fist pumping, hard rock lover’s dream come true; explosive and hard hitting.  Fans of Theory of a Deadman, Sixx AM, Shinedown, and even Guns N Roses will find Out of the Box quite gratifying. Silvertung clearly gave this album their all.  Out of the Box’s experimentation with different sounds and styles will surely earn the self-proclaimed underground rockers some new fans and notoriety on mainstream radio.  By the end of Out of the Box fans will know who Silvertung is and with the brevity of the six track EP, fans will be left wanting….demanding...

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(hed) p.e. – Forever!

(hed) p.e. – Forever! Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016 After a little more than two decades, nine albums, and a some lineup changes, one may think a band may be a bit out of touch or at the very least, running on fumes, but (hed) p.e.’s upcoming, release entitled Forever!, demonstrates that those are quite simply meaningless statistics with no real significance or quite simply put… bullshit.  Forever!, not for the faint of heart, will take listeners by storm; blending musical styles from punk to reggae effortlessly and with the energy fans expect from (hed) p.e.  Forever! delivers scorcher after scorcher and fans won’t be able to get enough.    “Live” and “Pay Me”, the first and second tracks on Forever!, will evoke pleasant memories of why (hed) p.e. are the bringers of the G-Punk, gangster rap and punk for those less familiar.  After the reintroductions, listeners will have their brains slammed by the albums third track, “Closer”, which brings a sick mix of catchy riffs, dope lyrics, and a medley of genres from reggae to rock. Speaking of genre blending, the transition from raw, dirt punk in “Waste” to “Jahknow’s”, heavy groove, afro beat reggae is FLAWLESS.    Heavily afro-reggae influenced tracks like “Always” and the closer “Ganja” may seem unusual at first, such a high energy album to close out so laid back, but this isn’t...

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Citizen Zero – State of Mind

Citizen Zero – State of Mind Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016 Detroit natives Citizen Zero are set to release their debut studio album, State of Mind, August 12th courtesy of Wind-Up Records.  Founded in 2010 by brothers Greg, John, and Matt Dudley, the band quickly caught the ear of Kid Rock’s sound engineer, Al Sutton, who whisked them into Rustbelt Studios to record their debut EP.   In April 2012, the band was faced with the tragic death of their brother and lead guitarist, Matt Dudley.  The group was faced with the crucial decision...

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Media Solution – The Prelude

Media Solution – The Prelude Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016 Italy natives, Media Solution, released their latest EP entitled The Prelude in April 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  The Prelude is a seven track musical creation, brimming with anthems of dark fête that explore the more salacious characteristics of being human or simply put sex, sex, and sex…and more sex. Perfect for fans of 5 Finger Death Punch and Fear Factor, The Prelude is nothing but pure, unadulterated ‘fuck you, I’m ready to fucking rage’ metal with no bullshit shortcomings.  From beginning to end The Prelude represents itself, just as...

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Dead Man’s Hand – Til Karma Forgets

Dead Man’s Hand – Til Karma Forgets Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016 Dead Man’s Hand released their new album Til Karma Forgets in April 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  Dead Man’s Hand got its start in the Seattle music scene in 2012, eventually relocating to Kansas City in 2013.  By 2014 the quartet would win Best New Artist in the Midwest Music Awards and 2015 heavy radio rotation and additional nominations. The opening tracks of Til Karma Forgets are good, listenable, enjoyable, but nothing that will make listeners stop what they are doing to crank up the radio,...

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