Month: April 2016

Kirra, The Veer Union, Smile Empty Soul, and Saving Abel

It was Friday, April 14th, and time for another ROCK SHOW, this time around at the 5th Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis, Indiana.   On the roster are:  After the Falling, Kirra, The Veer Union, Smile Empty Soul, and Saving Abel.  I arrived to the venue a bit early in order to converse with some of the hilarious guys in The Veer Union on important topics such as candy, nacho cheese, and Canadians. A local band, After the Falling (ATF), started the evening out right with a crowd full of energetic, ATF t-shirt wearing fans.   It was great to see so many fans there early enough to catch the opener;...

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Bloodrock Media Exclusive Interview:  Jennifer Pinckney interviewed The Veer Union on April 14, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Find out what the guys would choose as their weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse and if they think nacho cheese is real cheese (of course it is).  See the rest of our coverage at...

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Filter – Crazy Eyes

Filter – Crazy Eyes Written by Kelsie Lunsford for Bloodrock Media on April 13, 2016 I’ve got my reasons and my reasons are sound…. I’ve got my reasons for enjoying Filter’s newest album, Crazy Eyes and those reasons are nothing short of neu-industrial excellence. Crazy Eyes, released April 8th, has a futuristic, industrial sound; a very different approach than fans will have seen from the band in the past.  The newest release boasts catchy and fun tracks such as “Mother E” and “Tremors”, listeners will definitely claim these two as their favorites on the album. “Nothing In My Hands” will remind fans of Muse, in a fantastically dark, euro-pop, glamorous way. For those that seek the old Filter sound, the third track, “Pride Flag” will give them what they seek and transport them back to 1999.   Over all Crazy Eyes is a solid album; possibly the best we’ve heard from Filter. With it’s very distinct futuristic, electronic sound, it will appeal to those that are hearing Filter for the first time or fans that have followed them since the mid-1990′s.  Fans can catch Filter on their tour, “Make America Hate Again” with ORGY, Vampires Everywhere, and Death Valley...

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